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Kids Room Decor

While decorating your kid's room, you need to do a lot of brainstorming because what impresses you need not necessarily impress them. Therefore, add the magical touch to your children’s room with WoodenStreet specially crafted kid's room decor designs available exclusively at great rates. From wall art to Kids' bedroom designs, we have plenty of choices for you that also ensures that their room always looks beautiful to you and them. Thus, get the most comprehensive range of Kids' room decor online perfectly tailored to their needs, making it the most preferred destination for kids decor, and enjoy our exceptional services now!

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Kids Room Decor - Set-Up a Perfect Room for Children

A great decor always finds a way into a room when you stick to the books. Every room needs a decor, even when it is a kids room design. Though, for your information there are almost 14 categories of decor items that can be utilized in making a heaven out of your kids room. Most of us believe that, is there any need at all for a kids room decor? Well, there is actually a very great chance of your kids becoming a responsible and certainly calm in the future. The things in home decor like sofas, fancy tables, table organizers and table clock, get your kid excited and makes them busy in their own space, which is actually good sign.

There is certainly a wide variety of kids room furnitures & kids home decor products which are rich and content in their material and fine built quality. All of these products are exclusively available at our online store. You might not even know that kids can become lonely in the school if they are not quick enough to form an alliance. Therefore, we have developed our kids room decor items in such a way that it manages to provide your kids with a interactive decor.

Thus, to buy some fabulous piece of decor for your kids room you must consider some anecdotes, that can help you purchase exactly what you have been looking for, on WoodenStreet.

Types of Kids Room Decor Items are available at WoodenStreet

There are various kids room decor items available at woodenstreet which are divided in the following 14 categories, elaborating each category and its utilization.

  1. Cushion Covers : The cushion cover marks an friendly essence of the bed and entire kids bedroom design with just a slight color contrast on a bright colored cushion covers. It also makes the ambience of kids room rather smooth and easy going on eyes, for everyday when your kid will enter the room.

  2. Room Curtains: A curtain a significant part of the room and helps in building a subtle and calm decor for the room. Therefore, choose every curtain with utmost care and color contrast in the mind. All the curtains available at Woodenstreet are made up of premium quality cotton fabric which are easily washable and durable.

  3. Bean Bags: The seating area is very important in figuring out the accommodation of the room and whether the welcoming vibe of the room should be inviting or subtle. If your children have lots of friends in the school and you want them to come to your house, then it is ideal to buy some extra bean bags for the convenience. Kids surely love some fun get together on birthdays or game nights.

  4. Bedsheets: Bedsheet is another fantastic category for enhancing kids room decor. Choose a kids bedsheet that has vibrant colors and blends with the other colors of the room. It will maintain a thorough and non-boring vibe throughout the room. The bedsheet at WoodenStreet is made out of fine quality cotton fabric which assures durability for years, without loosing the essence of the bedsheet.

  5. Blankets: The blankets saves us, as well as your kids from the extreme weather conditions. A blanket in your kids room must fulfill two purposes simultaneously, first one is to make sure that the blanket is thick enough to completely stop the cold and other purpose is to buy a designer blanket which is not boring and monotonous in design, it will make your kiddo happy.

  6. Carpets: Home decor parameters many categories including carpets. The carpets are believed to be a luxury unit or generally used for living room or parent’s bedroom. Well, a carpet in the kids room can be of great use and convenience. A good quality carpet can simply contribute to the calm and chill environment of the kids room design. There are various carpets available online with fresh cartoons designs to make it familiar for kids.

  7. Wall Organizers: Any kid in the world does not grow to become a organized individual but these habits are taught into the children from the childhood so they become somewhat responsible for their own actions. A wall organizer can be a big help for you in keeping the kids room organized and clutter free. Children can use the wall organizers for keeping the bedroom essentials.

  8. Study Lamps: This is simply the very important home decor furniture and also significant in a student’s life. The homework and projects can be too much for your kid, because inappropriate study lamps can hamper the work of your kid as well as could strain their eyesight. Hence, bring home a study lamp available at WoodenStreet that will make a real difference in their life.

  9. Table Organizers: Organizing a table is just a minor task but you know the kids, they never even take initiative. That is why a table organizer is helpful in keeping the table organized and clutter free. There are various design and patterns available at our online store.

  10. Photo frames: Buy photo frames and put photos of your kid in the frame and mount it on the background wall in the room or grab onto some recent achievements of your kid and put it on the wall, it will constantly increase the confidence of your child whenever they will look at the wall and it will also contribute to kids room wall decor. A wall of chivalry and honor.

  11. Bookshelves: A kids bookshelf is an important asset in a life of a student and certainly seeks complete attention of your kids. The kids read and write many things throughout their school life, but some things catch their attention or they like to read such good tales or novels. Hence, a bookshelf can accommodate the entire books and journals collection of your kid. The bookshelf at WoodenStreet are great in design and b in quality, which will blend in just right with the decor of your kids room.

  12. Door Mats: There are certain unsaid habits that a adult can evolve to but difficult for a kid to adopt. To keep a doormat at every door, specially if it is for the bathroom. Bring some fancy and colorful door mats available at woodenstreet in different colors as well, for your kids room design. After all hygiene is more important than anything. At first they will repent but soon they will understand the need to dry their legs when barefoot in the bathroom.

  13. Kids Sofa: A sofa occupies a notable space of your kids room and plays a very big role in deciphering the decor of your kids bedroom. You might be thinking that why does a kid even need a sofa? Well, your kid is not alone in the school, so your children will have friends over for parties, home work nights or birthday celebrations, the room must be ready to accommodate somewhat 7-8 people. Other than parties, it might be actually comfortable for them to have a couch in the room.

  14. Table Clock: Kids love watches but which are handy and looks interesting in design. A table clock is a new invention by Woodenstreet, which is a collection of designer watches inspired by modern art and contemporary ideas. A table clock will help your children in timing their questions for exams so they could save extra time in Exam for tough questions. A table clock also looks good with the table and quietly adds charm to the decor of room.

Things to consider when buying kids room decor products online in India

There are certain factors responsible in purchasing very unique and demanding home decor items for your kids room.

  1. Decor List: First of all make a cup of coffee for yourself and take a paper and pen, start jolting down the list of decorative items that you think, might be helpful as well as looks good with the decor. We have mentioned the names of all the kids room interior products, which are available at WoodenStreet to buy. If you cannot finalize the products, ask your children, what things they really like watching? It will optimize your search for the decor modules you want to buy.
  2. Theme and Design: The second important thing necessary for buying the kids room decor is deciding upon the theme of the room. Your children will love a different concept in their room, such as, any superhero themed pillow cover or wall stickers for kids room or a bedsheet with cartoons on it. Do not worry, we have almost all varieties of such designs and characters. Further, if we talk about the kids room interior design, then take a thorough look of the products available online and choose, what will be appropriate for the decor.
  3. Material Quality: The third most important thing that deciphers, whether the product is worth your money or not is material quality. Therefore, we use premium quality material in every product, which makes each and every item into a standard module available for sale online. All the products are associated with different material type and quality, so choose accordingly for your kids room.

What Are the Advantages of Buying kids Room decor Item at Woodenstreet?

  1. Strong and Resilient: The material quality of each and every item is very tough and resilient. Kids room decor have category have certain products that are readily usable for the use as kids decor products. Every product is made out of premium quality fabrics, metals and woods that lasts longer.
  2. Easy Maintenance: The maintenance is indeed an important task after buying any kind of furniture or home decor unit, though generally all the decor accessories are cleaned but still take an initiative with your kids to clean large units such as sofas and beds. The reason behind cleaning, is the shine of the product that will remain replenished for a longer duration. 
  3. Compatible: The home decor products are very much compatible with various decor because it is designed in a way that completely blends with the interiors of kid’s room and it also creates compatibility for other furniture products that makes the entire setup more beautiful. 

Why to Buy Kids Room Decor Online at WoodenStreet?

Buying a kids room decor items at WoodenStreet can be an interactive experience. We have made sure that your kids room decor shopping experience must be smooth.

  1. Premium Quality Material - WoodenStreet has a very strict policy about delivering the superior quality, that is why we choose premium material. Whether it is a furniture or decor products, we never compromise on the raw material.
  2. Pocket Friendly - At WoodenStreet, we do not want our customers to panic incessantly, because we offer the prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We have the most pocket-friendly prices for every furniture unit.

  3. Additional Offers - We provide additional offers, that are solely for the customers. It includes the free installation services for the product at home, easy return policy, low-cost EMIs as we understand your need for the bed and 24 X 7 customer care support for any queries.
FAQs - Kids Room Decor
What Types of Products are Available for Kids Room Decor?

There are variety of products available for kids' room decor, including wall art like decals and posters, kids bedside lamp, decorative accents like lamps, kids room curtains, kids bookshelves, kids bedsheets and kids carpet. These products come in a range of colors, patterns, and themes to suit different ages, interests, and preferences. Browse our selection to find the perfect items to make your child's room a fun and comfortable space!

What are the Best Ways to Decorate a Kid’s Room?

Some of the benefits of buying kids' room decor online at WoodenStreet include a wide variety of options to choose from, easy and convenient shopping experience, doorstep delivery, and the assurance of quality products. Shopping online also allows for easy price comparison and access to customer reviews.

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My husband decided to buy Grey Hand Tufted Woollen Kids Carpet - 6 x 4 Feet Online for our kid from Wooden Street. Now, my kid enjoys his own time while playing at the home. I am very happy with the quality of the product. Now, I recommend everyone to buy a Grey Hand Tufted Woollen Kids Carpet - 6 x 4 Feet from Wooden Street.

Shivani Jaiswal Mumbai

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Imagine, you enter the room in your wake, with a sumptuous display of Ren Book Shelf for your kids room decor that will mesmerize you with its beauty. That's the kind of power that Ren Book Shelf with Storage (Exotic Teak Finish, White) holds. A terrific book shelf for your kid from Wooden Street.

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When I have decided to design my children’s room to the most interesting and fun, then, this Bean Bag Cover caught my eyes and it’s incredibly great. A very bright and football print bean bag and is very comfortable for my children to sit over it. Lovely products and excellent delivery services. Thank you so much.

Shikha Khanna Jaipur

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My husband and I decided to decorate his room with my children photograph so bought this amazing Golden Victorian Style with Floral Motif in Metal Photo Frames - Handicrafts Paradise. We are very thankful to Wooden Street that they have serviced best in terms of quality, colors, design pattern and delivery. We would love to buy more things like a kid's bed and much more from you guys.

Sukriti Verma Mumbai

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